Was born in Mammola ( RC ) in 1979. He lives and works in Rome . He graduated from the " Art School " of Siderno ( RC ) , then follows , with full marks , the diploma in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome , in the course of Prof. Giuseppe Modica .His passion for painting romantic / symbolist him to further research on painters such as Böcklin , Friedrich , VonStuck , Segantini , Diefenbach Shawbw etc.

His painting is recognizable imprint dreamy and melancholy that often infuses his to a timeless and spaceles.

Sity carries on a personal and original speech , bearing in mind the tenets of a vision which does not stop at the history of art and the museum ; that does not mean copying the old masters , but bring them within modernity , understanding the fascination with the link beauty- qualities that Sita , can not be abandoned .


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